Our Statewide Campaign

Bringing Fair Elections to Illinois

BREAKING: Fair Elections SB1424 has passed the Senate! Urge your representative to support Fair Elections now!

About the Fair Elections Act

Our current campaign financing system discourages citizens from participating in their democracy, locks elected officials into permanent fundraising cycles, and allows special interest groups and the ultra-wealthy to control our elections. The solution is a voluntary small donor matching program that increases the importance of small donations and limits the impact of moneyed interests on elections and public policy.

About the Legislation

This bill enables candidates for statewide office to receive up to six dollars in public matching funds for every one dollar of matchable contributions obtained, up to $150, and reported to a Campaign Finance Board. To participate in this program, candidates must demonstrate that they’ve received the support of their constituents. Candidates for Governor must obtain 1,000 qualified contributions. Candidates for Attorney General, State Comptroller, State Treasurer and Secretary of State must obtain 500 qualified contributions. Candidates for State Senator must receive 200 qualified contributions and prospective State Representatives need 100 qualified contributions.

In addition to providing sensible restrictions on the public funds that are associated with this program, this bill limits the total costs of campaigns by restricting individual donations to no more than $500. Candidates wishing to self-fund are permitted to donate up to $3,000 to support their own campaigns. Matching fund payments shall not exceed: $5M for candidates for Governor; $1M for Attorney General, Comptroller, Treasurer, or Secretary of State candidates; $300K for State Senator candidates; and $150K for State Representative.

Get Involved

Sign the petition today by clicking here, and call your State Senator and State Representative to urge them to cosponsor the Fair Elections Act! The Fair Elections Act is endorsed by Common Cause Illinois, Reclaim Chicago, The People's Lobby, Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, National Nurses United, CHANGE Illinois, and ONE Northside. To become an endorsing organization, contact Trevor Gervais at 312-372-2422.